News Spank Terms of Usage and Service
1. I agree that News Spank is an adult site and I am legally allowed to access it's content.
2. I agree that News Spank, it's staff, it's owners, or even it's users are not responsible or legally liable for anything posted by anyone on this site even if they did post it.
3. I agree that News Spank is a free speech zone where I may be subject to extreme views and opinions. I agree that the admins may not do anything about it and that I have no legal recourse.
4. I agree that News Spank and its agents have the right to do anything they want to my account and my postings to include alteration and deletion.
5. I agree that I will not access any part of News Spank or its data in an unauthorized or scripted manner.
6. I agree that nothing in this document should be read in such a way that it I think it gives me the right to violate any laws. I agree that News Spank or any agent or owner of News Spank is not responsible for my actions.
7. I agree that I may be forced to view offensive, vile, criminal, and or outrageously disgusting outside content, to include pictures, from other websites and this one. I understand that News Spank's filters may not detect this content and I have no legal recourse.
8. I understand that my IP address is traceable. If I post something of a criminal nature, someone could find me.
I agree that these terms may change at any time and apply retroactively.
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